Alleviating Your Cat’s Depression Using Natural Methods

4 April 2016
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If you have a cat that has shown indications of depression, you will want to take the proper steps in getting it help to ease this behavior. Cats (as well as other pets) can become depressed just as humans do. Big changes in their life such as a loss or addition of another pet or family member, or sudden move to a new home, can cause your pet to become upset. Read More 

Essential Minerals For Your Racehorses

9 March 2016
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Statistics show that 5.4% of the horses in Canada are involved in the racing industry. With so many equine athletes populating the nation, it's important that owners take the time to understand the unique nutritional needs of their racehorses. Minerals play an essential role in helping horses maintain a healthy body, but racehorses often don't get the right amount of minerals through diet alone. Here are three minerals you should ensure your equine athlete receives on a daily basis. Read More 

Diagnosing And Treating Clogged Anal Glands In Dogs

29 January 2016
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Your dog has two anal glands. Positioned to either side of the anus, these glands release a stinky substance whenever your dog defecates, marking his or her territory. Sometimes, however, the anal glands become clogged. This is a rather common problem, and in many cases, it is one that you can deal with on your own rather than rushing to the vet right away. Read on to learn how to tell if your dog's anal glands are clogged and what you can do about it. Read More 

Extremely Forgetful About Your Pet’s Health?: Four Ways A Vet Clinic Can Remind You About Important Petcare Dates

15 December 2015
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In a very busy and hectic world, people tend to forget to do a lot of the little things, like take the dog to the vet for regular checkups. While you can certainly set reminders for things like this on any smartphone now, it is just as easy to turn off the reminders with a swipe of a finger as it is to forget completely. Your vet clinic can help, and here are four ways in which a clinic can help you remember to set and keep wellness appointments for your pets. Read More 

4 Things Rabbit Owners Need To Know About Hair Balls

3 November 2015
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You've probably noticed that your pet rabbit grooms itself constantly, and all of this grooming means that it ends up swallowing some hair. If this hair accumulates in your pet's stomach, the hair balls can lead to serious health problems. Here are four things you need to know about hair balls. Why are hair balls a concern? Normally, your rabbit's digestive system will break down the small amounts of hair that it swallows. Read More