Alleviating Your Cat's Depression Using Natural Methods

4 April 2016
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If you have a cat that has shown indications of depression, you will want to take the proper steps in getting it help to ease this behavior. Cats (as well as other pets) can become depressed just as humans do. Big changes in their life such as a loss or addition of another pet or family member, or sudden move to a new home, can cause your pet to become upset. Here are some steps you can take in helping your furry friend get back on the track to a healthy and happy life with some help from alternative therapy.

Know The Signs

Cats are very good at hiding their true feelings, often living with an illness or condition, like depression, that goes unnoticed. If you observe your cat sleeping more than usual, avoiding interactions with people or other pets, and stopping their regular eating patterns, they may be suffering from depression. 

See A Veterinarian First

Before you start any type of alternative therapy processes, it is best to see a veterinarian, such as Riverside Pet Hospital, to discuss your intentions beforehand. Have the doctor give your cat a complete exam to rule out any health issues that may be causing the depressive signals you have noticed. If the cat appears to be in good health, the veterinarian will most likely give you the go-ahead to try some soothing methods in relaxing it back into a happy state.

Start With Soothing Touch

Most cats enjoy being petted. Taking the time to give your cat attention will help them become relaxed, helping to relieve depression. Therapeutic touch is a massage method shown to help cats relax. When petting your cat, include some gentle massage. Stroke their fur in a circular motion with deliberately slow movements. Rubbing the face and ear area may be well-received as well.

Keeps Sounds Relaxing

If you live in a home where activity is present much of the time, consider making an area for your pet where they can retreat when loud sounds are present. A depressed cat would benefit from a quiet room in the home. To help reduce stress, play soft music throughout the day. This may be relaxing for the rest of the family in addition to your pet.

Increase Lighting In Your Home

A dim home can exacerbate the feelings of depression for a cat. Keep drapes and curtains open so your cat can benefit from natural lighting. Make a cozy area for your cat to bask in sunlit areas. Consider allowing your pet out on a screen porch to enjoy sights and sounds of the outdoors to help lift the spirits.