Extremely Forgetful About Your Pet's Health?: Four Ways A Vet Clinic Can Remind You About Important Petcare Dates

15 December 2015
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In a very busy and hectic world, people tend to forget to do a lot of the little things, like take the dog to the vet for regular checkups. While you can certainly set reminders for things like this on any smartphone now, it is just as easy to turn off the reminders with a swipe of a finger as it is to forget completely. Your vet clinic can help, and here are four ways in which a clinic can help you remember to set and keep wellness appointments for your pets.

Snail Mail

Since you will undoubtedly check your mail daily, you can request appointment reminders and reminders to schedule wellness checkups via a postcard. Some vets have these printed off regularly for their clients and patients, whether you want them in your mailbox or not. However, other vets will only send them if you request this form of communication and it helps you keep track of important pet dates and your pet's needs.


If you give your vet permission, he or she will text you reminders too. Just like snail mail, most people hear their text alarms go off and check their text inbox. Some phones will even underscore phone numbers and dates such that when you click on the highlighted and underscored parts of the text, you can instantly call your vet to set up appointments or you can drop appointments into your phone's calendar from the text.

Phone Call

Many vet clinics still resort to phone calls because of the personal connections they make with families and pets. It also allows pet owners to ask questions about their pets' health, which they may have been forgetting to call about or may have put off until the clinic calls. Usually, you do not have to give special permission for a vet clinic to use your telephone information to call you with appointment and checkup reminders. You may want to make a special request anyway, especially if you are quite the forgetful type and you know you will need an extra reminder.


It is very unusual for vet clinics to communicate appointment and wellness checkup reminders via email because emails can get lost, misdelivered or accidentally deleted. However, you can circumvent that by placing the vet clinic's email in your list of accepted contacts and then request that your petcare reminders be sent via email. Many vets (like Nelson Animal Hospital vets) would probably suggest that you request a backup form of communication if you choose email as your primary form.